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  • Compilation
  • Reporting
  • Accounting


  • Subsidies
  • Income
  • Asset management
  • Entrepreneurship


  • Wage costs subsidy
  • Payroll processing
  • Labour law

Business consultancy

  • Business strategy
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Financing and forecasts
  • Company valuations
  • Family businesses

Schuiteman Accountants & Adviseurs

Genuinely committed

A question and an answer, a problem and a solution, a challenge and an outcome – these can only come together if the two parties involved meet. If they are willing to listen, if they are committed and reliable.

Cooperation is the foundation on which Schuiteman is built. We know this means we must be approachable, that our knowledge and expertise must be put to optimum use, time and again, and that it is not only the question occupying you right now that requires action, but also the as yet unknown question that lies ahead.

Being able to surprise you is something that makes us happy. We can only do this if we maintain an open and receptive attitude. If we have the helicopter view that you require of us while keeping both feet firmly on the ground; at the heart of the community, at the heart of the challenges that face you, at the heart of the daily dynamics of the market. At the heart of your business.

Welcome to Schuiteman.
Henk Morren – Board chair

Client stories

We believe it is important that our clients get to know each other. This is why we pay regular visits to our business relations whenever we create an edition of our magazine EyeOpener - to give you a glimpse of their business. Could you also benefit in some way from our clients? Find out in the client cases.

Auto Versteeg Buurman in Voorthuizen

For this client case, Evert Hein Schuiteman and Evan van de Visch went along to Auto Versteeg Buurman in Voorthuizen. Managing director Geurt Buurman talks about the role that Schuiteman plays in his company.

JB Trading te Ede

JB Trading is an international trading company specialising in used trucks. Jeroen, Jack and Peter Brouwers talk about getting their business started, the growth they experienced and the added value of Schuiteman accountant Jorrit Koops in that process.

AIC te Harderwijk

For EyeOpener, Berry van ’t Hul and Bernard Polman, two Schuiteman employees, paid a visit to AIC Harderwijk. AIC is a centralised purchasing operation for building contractors. The owners Job and Iris van der Sterre talk about their company and why they value Schuiteman.

Bouwbedrijf van de Kolk te Garderen

Brothers Henk and Peter van de Kolk are jointly in charge of their family construction business, Bouwbedrijf van de Kolk, in Garderen. Take a look at the client case and discover what this third generation thinks about continuity, sustainability and creativity.